Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Kaddra Farm Inc. A Nonprofit Organization That Cares.

Striving to excel in agriculture industry. Targeting the developmental programs in the communities.

focused on providing real solutions that will permanently assist the problems affecting the communities,

most specifically  the vulnerable groups in the society, Children, Youths, Women, Single Mothers and the Aged.



Welcome to Kaddra-Farm a new venture striving to establish a cultural marketplace of various international merchandise dedicated to generating funds, maintaining store operations and provide reinvestment activities through participation in community programs and financial contributions.


The Company's vision is to evolve and extend its reach globally and to use it resources to help all people in need.



The focus of Kaddra-Farm Project is to contribute to a sustained improvement of living conditions, Stability, Health, Education and Economic development for the rural population in the Gbinleh Dixain Chiefdom Kambia District. Kaddra-Farm will operate solely from donations, from partners and supporters.

While there will be benefit to all members of then selected communities, the main target groups are women, youth and children, as they are the most vulnerable members of these communities.



Kaddra-Farm aspires to empower and build the capacity of four hundred peasant farmers in four communities. We aim to support them to produce enough products while sustainably increasing food production capacity in the region to ensure its affordability   




What we do: AGRICULTURE,  We put Farmers (FIRST.)


HUMAN CAPITAL: Developmental Program- (EDUCATION). 


DONATION CENTER: The operations would expand as resources permit.


ABOUT the President.

Kaddra-Farm Inc. is headed by Amadu brima Kamara, the founder of the organization. Amadu is a native of Sierra Leone and an heir of a chief, in Kambia District, which is a highly regarded position within the society.  Amadu served as the accountant in the Ministry of Health (Sierra Leone Government- West Africa) for more than 15 years. While in the position, he maintained the fiscal responsibility of the department  and day-to-day management of financial operations. Prior to becoming president, he served as an assistant manager for Allies, Inc. New Jersey USA, for four years. During his tenure he was instrumental in assisting the company's expansion.

With established connections and relationships as well as a reputable professional career serving the people of Sierra Leone, Amadu aspires to establish a business that will touch and provide for the inhabitants of his homeland by giving back to communities in ways both measurable and immeasurable. Language barriers as well as cultural barriers to begin this project are eliminated due to his relationships and networks created and rooted within the Sierra Leonean culture.

Founder and   Heir of Chief. Accountant Sierra Leone Gov. Studied Information System &Technology (Kaplan University



  • SOPHIA N BASSEY-         Business Associate

Sophia N. Bassey, joined Kaddra-farm, in December 2009, She brings over five years of experience in business development serving as a key member on our senior leadership growth strategies team. Prior to joining Kaddra-farm, Inc. she operated an independent business as a consultant for women seeking to enrich their lives and also a coordinator of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio (USA). Inc, whose mission is to promote culture through unity and youth empowerment

Senior Leadership team.


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The ultimate goal is to develop and sustain strong farming communities in Sierra Leone, who would be taught micro economics, Hybrid rice, production and much more. These approaches would unite farming families and communities providing skills that would maximize the ways in which they farm their lands.

Fundamental OBJECTIVE.

The Organization's main objective is to contribute to a sustained improvement of living conditions, stability, economic development, education and health of the population in chiefdom communities. Our fundamental objective is to enhance the quality ways of life of the Sierra Leoneans, through agricultural activities, giving farmers the skills needed for better production.