Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Crop Production:

The activities under this heading will include as follow:  


    • Rice cultivation in the country is usually carried out by family members who include women, youth, children and male adults (who under normal circumstances are heads of the families).  In general about 70% of the families in all four communities are involved in subsistence farming.  This activity will be carried out in all four communities and will provide two bushels of seed rice and a set of tools for each family.  At harvest time a bushel will be collected from the first year beneficiaries who will be used to service other households for Year 2.  In a similar loan collection method the second year beneficiaries will provide bushels, part of which will be used to service the remaining households in successive years.  This will serve as a seed bank to support community development under the supervision of Kaddra Development Committees.  


   While rice cultivation will target families, Groundnut cultivation will target women only.  Groundnut is both a cash and subsistence crop.  As such this project will not only contribute to the daily feeding, but to the general well-being of the homes as well.  The first year plan will be to provide each female with a bushel of Groundnuts and a set of tools.  The beneficiaries will be encouraged to contribute at least 50% of what they received to a seed bank.  This will then be distributed, including tools to be purchased, the following year.  At the end of the season the second group will be asked to follow the same contribution plan.     


    • This will target youth (male & female).  Cassava is the second food crop to rice and is mostly used during the hunger period ( July-September).  A total of 239 youth will be targeted                             


Bush Clearing:

Youths community group.

Green Cassava farm

Presented by the Secretary 

Loacal Rice thresher

Women in Rice threshing processing: