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Who we are

Kaddra is an acronym - meaning (Kambia District Agricultural Development Relief Agency). Kaddra Farm Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in New York, based in Staten Island and Sierra Leone (West Africa) respectively. Kaddra Farm Inc supports and invests in the sustainability and the improvement of living conditions, stability, health, education and economic growth in the rural population of four communities in Gbinle-Dixian chiefdom in Kambia District Sierra Leone (West Africa).   We are helping farmers to grow organic crops. We also selling the products and feed the hungry in Sierra Leone as part of our agricultural charity.

Unlike other nonprofits, we are very transparent. We make our efforts known to our associates, donors, and investors. Additionally, we operate a thrift store to collect funding for people in need. Overall, our hardworking members are committed to providing high-quality goods and services. We are also creating a way for donations to the team volunteers fighting Ebola, HIV/Aids, Malaria corona virus as to name a few. 

                                                                                                (NARRATIVE DESCRITION OF ARTIVITIES)

 ARTIVITY ONE:        (Activities targeting the development plan for communities).

Kaddra-farm organization would help organizing communities, encouraging landowners to develop organic-gardens and also youths as leaders in which would create healthy environment, aiming to enhance the quality of life of the target population, through agricultural activities  in the communities. The organization would help strengthen and uplift the spirits of farmers, by helping them become self--sufficient in food production. This would help in the eradication of poverty and hunger now threatening the country.

Kaddra-farm Inc. would operate first in Kambia district, which has seven chiefdoms ( Magbama, Mambolo, Samu, Gbinle-Dixing, Masungbala, Tonkolimba and Briama) respectively. Kaddra Farm would be a non-profit corporation for focusing on agriculture activities.  It will also be responsible for the distribution of its donated material from the donors to the consumers of recipients. Kaddra-farm operations would expand as resources permit.

ARTIVITY TWO:        (Activities targeting farmers):

Farming in most parts of the country-Sierra Leone is for subsistence in which food crops such as Rice, Yams Cassava and groundnuts are grown for food. Farmers often grow these crops through mixed cropping. Kaddra-farm Inc. plans to organize groups of farmers in the communities with the aim of helping them to use Hybrid crops so that they can produce more both for food and for sale.

  • Crop Production -

1)Rice cultivation  in the country is usually carried out by family members who include women, youth, children and male adults (who under normal circumstances are heads of the families).  In general about 70% of the families in all four communities are involved in subsistence farming.  Kaddra organization organized youths and started up with a mixed cropping farming in four communities in kambia district. These activities are carried out in all four communities. Kaddra Farm provided two bushels of seed rice and a set of tools for each family as a start-up.At harvest time a bushel will be collected from the first year beneficiaries   Kaddra will serve as a seed bank to support community development under the supervision of The Ward Committees.  

  2)Groundnut Cultivation: - While rice cultivation will target families, Groundnut cultivation will target women only.  Groundnut is both a cash and subsistence crop.  As such this project will not only contribute to the daily feeding, but to the general well-being of the homes as well.  The first year plan will be to provide each female with a bushel of Groundnuts and a set of tools.  The beneficiaries will be encouraged to contribute at least 50% of what they received to a seed bank.  This will then be distributed, including tools to be purchased, the following year.  At the end of the season the second group will be asked to follow the same contribution plan. 

3). Cassava Cultivation: - This will target youth (male & female).  Cassava is the second food crop to rice and is mostly used during the hunger period ( July-September).  A total of 239 youth will be targeted           

ARTIVITY THREE:     (Activities aiming at alleviating hunger and poverty)

The ultimate goal is to develop and sustain strong farming communities in Sierra Leone, who would be taught micro economics, HYBRID RICE production and many more. These approaches would unity farming families and communities providing skills that would maximize the ways in which they farm their lands

FISCAL YEAR'S REPORT 2017 ( Crop productions)

GROUNDNUTS BAGS                                                                    RICE                                                                                                CASSAVA.




Activities targeting the development plan for communities. 


Activates targeting Farmers in the Communities. 


Activities aiming at alleviating hunger and poverty in Sierra Leone (West Africa).