Kaddra Farm Inc. A Nonprofit Organization That Cares.

Striving to excel in agriculture industry. Targeting the developmental programs in the

communities, focused on providing real solutions that will permanently assist the problems affecting the communities,

most specifically  the vulnerable groups in the society, Children, Youths, Women, Single Mothers and the Aged.





We put Farmers first

     Poverty and hunger are very challenging issues, but are solvable problems. Efficient agriculture is the first step toward healthy living, stability, and financial competence for any society. Kaddra-Farm Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in New York, based in Staten Island and Sierra Leone (West Africa) respectively. Kaddra Farm Inc supports and invests in the sustainability and the improvement of living conditions, stability, health, education and economic growth in the rural population of four communities in Gbinle-Dixian chiefdom in Kambia District Sierra Leone West Africa.   We help farmers grow organic crops. We sell the products and feed the hungry in Sierra Leone as part of our agricultural charity.


Unlike other nonprofits, we are very transparent. We make our efforts known to our associates,donors, and investors. Additionally, we operate a thrift store to collect funding for people in need. Overall, our hardworking members are committed to providing high-quality goods and services. We are also creating a way for people to donate to those fighting Ebola, HIV/Aids, Malaria as to name a few.

EBOLA is an epidemic threatening the lives of the people in Africa (Sierra Leone). We cannot solve this problem alone. I am not talking about a small scale of people, but all of humanity needs to help to solve this crisis. Kaddra Farm is there to champion this challenge. We need your help and indeed we appreciate it.

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What we do.



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Kaddra-Farm Inc is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 tax exempt status. Our focus is to strengthen the spirit of the needy, especially families in disaster zones and impoverished countries such as Sierra Leone (West Africa), Haiti as to name a few.

Kaddra-Farm Inc. is headed by Amadu brima Kamara, the founder of the organization. Amadu is a native of Sierra Leone and an heir of a chief, in Kambia District, which is a highly regarded position within the society.  Amadu served as the accountant in the Ministry of Health (Sierra Leone Government- West Africa) for more than 15 years. While in the position, he maintained the fiscal responsibility of the department  and day-to-day management of financial operations. Prior to becoming president, he served as an assistant manager for Allies, Inc. New Jersey USA, for four years. During his tenure he was instrumental in assisting the company's expansion.

With established connections and relationships as well as a reputable professional career serving the people of Sierra Leone, Amadu aspires to establish a business that will touch and provide for the inhabitants of his homeland by giving back to communities in ways both measurable and immeasurable. Language barriers as well as cultural barriers to begin this project are eliminated due to his relationships and networks created and rooted within the Sierra Leonean culture.

Founder and   Heir of Chief. Accountant Sierra Leone Gov. Studied Information System &Technology (Kaplan University



  • SOPHIA N BASSEY-         Business Associate

Sophia N. Bassey, joined Kaddra-farm, in December 2009, She brings over five years of experience in business development serving as a key member on our senior leadership growth strategies team. Prior to joining Kaddra-farm, Inc. she operated an independent business as a consultant for women seeking to enrich their lives and also a coordinator of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio (USA). Inc, whose mission is to promote culture through unity and youth empowerment

Senior Leadership team.


Police Detective for the Sierra Leone Government

IBRAHIM KAMARA- Finance Officer.

Prior joining the organization in the year 2014, He picked up appointment letter as Police Detective for the Sierra Leone Government and to date.

College of Business Studies- Sierra Leone


- Executive Officer. 

College of business Studies- (Management, Business Administration). Joined Kaddra Farm Inc. in the year 2014.

Studied Lincoln Techincal Institute, Mt.Laurel New Jersey. USA

     EMMANUEL EKANEM Information Technology
Lincoln Technical Institute MT. Laurel  He studied Security Solutions, (Access control and auditing, authentication, encryption, operating systems). Emmanuel joined the company in 2013 as (IT) member.

Studied Agriculture- Njala University Sierra Leone



Agriculture -NJILA University
Joined the organization in the 2014.



 Charitable Donations & Volunteer Opportunities

Kaddra Farm Inc. is a non-profit humanitarian organization with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Our focus is to strengthen the spirit of the needy, especially families in disaster zones and impoverished countries such as Sierra Leone (West Africa), Haiti, to name a few.


 We need your help and indeed we appreciate your support and contributions towards making charitable donations to our cause,  to feed, clothe, and shelter the less fortunate in that country.  

What do we collect?
As you clean out your closets, please remember to support the needy and homeless. Help clothe/feed God's children and adults. We accept all gently used clean items such as:

From Infant to Adult • CLOTHING • SHOES • BAGS • CANNED FOOD • TOOLS • as well as VEHICLES

Our volunteer support team is ready to come over and help to collect unwanted household items at your convenience. Kaddra organization is responsible for the distribution of donated material from donors to the needy nations. . If you're looking to donate any of the items stated above, we are happy to make arrangements with you to have the items shipped to our warehouse or a project site in Sierra Leone, or we can pick them up from your location. You may also bring them to us if you are local. 

                                                     Volunteer with Us!

If you want to donate time to our cause, we are always looking for volunteers. Prospective volunteers and sponsors should call us to learn more. Before you are allowed to assist us, we will perform about a background check on you and interview you. We want everyone on our team to be passionate about our cause and physically able to assist with the work involved.

As a volunteer, we require your assistance a few hours per month. If you are interested, we are happy to let you assist with projects in Sierra Leone.

                                                                          Monetary Contributions

Kaddra-Farm Inc also accepts monetary contributions. To send us funding,  options,1.You may mail your donation to ( Kaddra Farm Inc. 80 Saint Josephs Ave 1, Staten Island New York 10302, or to the Website. bank statement, or through our monthly membership. Once received, we give you a receipt of your donation. Donations are tax deductible. If your contribution exceeds $250.00 please provide us with your name, mailing address and occupation

(3 Steps)                                                                             PICK-UP    

1. SCHEDULE TO PICKUP                       2). GATHER YOUR ITEMS                                  3). TAX RECEIPT

Amadu B Kamara - 347-355-3597             Place items outside in a visible                         Place mail and email address  info.     

 Sophia (NJ) - 609-969-3739                         Location                                                                            to receive a tax deductible

Abou Camara - 347-968-8801                                                              

                                                                We thank you so much for your support.

                                                                               PROJECT LINKS


                                                                          Barnes & Noble               CODE of ETHICS



Kaddra Farm Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports and invests in the sustainability and the improvement of living conditions, stability, health, education and economic growth in the rural population of four communities in Gbinle-Dixian chiefdom in Kambia District Sierra Leone West Africa.  The organization would operate first in Kambia District, which has seven Chiefdoms (Magbama, Mambolo, Samu, Gbinle-dixing, Masungbala, Tonkolimba and Brima) respectively. Our focus is on agricultural activities and also be responsible for the distribution of its donated material from the Donors to the consumers of recipients. Kaddra Farm Inc. would ship donated material by container to Free Town (Sierra Leone). Kaddra Farm operations would expand as resources permit.


Farming in most parts of Sierra Leone is for subsistence in which food crops such as Rice, Yams, Cassava and Groundnuts are grown for food. Farmers ofen grow these crops through mixed cropping. Kaddra farm Inc plans to organize groups of farmers in the communities with the aim of helping them to use Hybrid crops so that they can produce more both for food and for sale.

  • Crop Production -

1). Rice cultivation  in the country is usually carried out by family members who include women, youth, children and male adults (who under normal circumstances are heads of the families).  In general about 70% of the families in all four communities are involved in subsistence farming.  Kaddra organization organized youths and started up with a mixed cropping farming in four communities in kambia district. These activities are carried out in all four communities. Kaddra Farm provided two bushels of seed rice and a set of tools for each family as a start-up.At harvest time a bushel will be collected from the first year beneficiaries   Kaddra will serve as a seed bank to support community development under the supervision of The Ward Committees.  

  2). Groundnut Cultivation: - While rice cultivation will target families, Groundnut cultivation will target women only.  Groundnut is both a cash and subsistence crop.  As such this project will not only contribute to the daily feeding, but to the general well-being of the homes as well.  The first year plan will be to provide each female with a bushel of Groundnuts and a set of tools.  The beneficiaries will be encouraged to contribute at least 50% of what they received to a seed bank.  This will then be distributed, including tools to be purchased, the following year.  At the end of the season the second group will be asked to follow the same contribution plan. 

3). Cassava Cultivation - This will target youth (male & female).  Cassava is the second food crop to rice and is mostly used during the hunger period ( July-September).  A total of 239 youth will be targeted                 




Kaddra-Farm ’s work is supported by generous private contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals. Therefore, our deepest thanks go to all our fiscal year 2017 donors, and also thanking you in advance for your continued support.

As a 501(c)(3) designated organization, Kaddra farm Inc strives for the highest levels of accountability and transparency. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

ANNUAL REPORTS                                                                                  LOAN
   17 Coming Soon.                                                                         1, CHARM F FOUNDATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                      KAMBIA SIERRA LEONE.

                                                                                                           2,  FATIMA CAMARA.          

EPOSTCARD (990 TAX FILINGS)                                                    INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS"
FY17                                                                                                           $10 and up to $150.    
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS                                                                  1.    SOPHIA BASSEY      
FY17 Coming Soon                                                                              81 OAK FOREST DR.

                                                                                                                   SICKLERVILLE NJ 08081

CORPORATION:                                                                                2.    MOHAMED S. CONTEH

$151 AND UP TO 10,000.                                                                         0619 CHESTER AVE,0

TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A. INC. 05/2015                                   PHILADELPHIA, PA 19143

19001 SOUTH WESTERN AVE                                               
CULVER CITY, CA 90232                     .                                             3.  DR. NABIE YAYAH CONTEH

261 SOUTH WETHERLY DRIVE,                                                       426 CULVER BLVD
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90211.                                                                PLAYA DEL REY, CA 90293


METRO RESOURCES, INC                                                           
929 E 2ND STREET #101                                                                      PAUL GOODWIN
LOS ANGELES, CA 90012                                                              3451 CATTARAUGUS AVE.

                                                                                                          CULVER CITY, CA 9023


                                                                                                             ASHANTI ROBINSON

SUSAN FOWLER                                                                                 3246 BAYVIEW AVE.

CITY HARVEST.                                                                                        CONEY ISLAND

$10 AND UP TO $150                                                                   ABDUL R. KAMARA

LATOYA BEST                                                      CARDINAL HEALTH NUCLEAR PHARMACY SEERVICES
GLOBALGIVING                                                                             30 MURRAY HILL PKWY STE 400



BROOKLYN                                                                                          ANTIONETTE HARRIS        

                                                                                                                80 ST. JOSEPHS AVE.

FATMATA KAMARA                                                                            STATEN ISLAND NY.10302

DANAHYLTON                                                                                     OLUWASEGUN IKPEFURNA
BROOKLYN NY                                                                                      SICKLERVILLE NJ 08081



The ultimate goal of the organization is to develop and sustain strong farming communities in Sierra Leone who would be taught micro economics  in hybrid rice production and much more. These approaches would unite farming families and communities, providing skills that would maximize the ways in which they farm their lands.  

Farmers-First, Rice Production

BAGS of GROUNDNUT (2017-year)

Groundnut is both a cash and subsistence crop.  As such this project will not only contribute to the daily feeding, but to the general well-being of the homes as well.  The first year plan will be to provide each female with a bushel of Groundnuts and a set of tools . A loan to help farmers as a boost,

First year- GroundNut Production


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Sustainability Vs, Reality

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